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The loan is often taken out by the German parent company, even if it flows to the foreign subsidiary in local currency. If the apartment is to be renovated, a new house is to be built, or if the signs for the next picker date of the car are not too good, a loan or quickly and easily calculate savings goals or credit, lease or budget balance.  Note: This is a base calculation that is not a binding offer of IFB Hamburg.

Calculate your interest and repayment installment for your personal loan.

Calculate your interest and repayment <a href=installment for your personal loan.” />

In the German economy, export successes are celebrated, large family businesses operate across borders.

Therefore, I still recognize potential in the field of foreign production, also in the field of small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany. The credit risk is higher, depends on business mo, ie, planning and customizing the loan agreement. Our solutions enable our clients to invest and grow at home and abroad. An international loan is also being negotiated with the German Relations Manager under over, who will then call the fellow foreigner.

Currency becomes the loan Homy the loan is closed with the domestic parent company, even if it flows to the foreign subsidiary in local currency. The foreign subsidiary benefits from the rating system and domestic parent’s credit rating on terms. Here in the Federal Republic there are credits in foreign currency In a stay abroad, the interested party can set up his own account under about with his partner in the Federal Republic.

There are direct contacts to our foreign colleagues.

There are direct contacts to our foreign colleagues.

Big companies today have professional treasury departments that work like a house bank and provide loans within the group. I have just come from a client who needs a high-digit million-dollar loan for his overseas production, and we have talked about the exact plans of the operation and the corporate strategy that leads to the foreign investment.

Thus, every second company has serious teething troubles. In the United States, for example, there are several thousand companies in Germany â € “with only one sales office, one production center at one time. Of these companies, only a small part reached the goal of original, the local market.

But most companies calculate very well before they make the leap abroad. Again and again, I am struck by the often missing sensitivity to home and abroad. That is the reason why. This is also true for those who trust like the Italians, French or Americans. Numerous entrepreneurs calculate and finance meticulously in German-speaking countries and are then supported by real estate on the spot.

When you meet a client who wants to go abroad and needs a loan, it is important for us to know the business model, its motives for going to the country, and how the company reacts to potential dangers. We have to understand the whole project easily.

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