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Good Finance is one of many in the line of what is known as loan intermediaries. The business concept is based on Good Finance linking prospective borrowers (consumers) with lenders and banks looking for customers.

In other words, when you apply for a loan through Good Finance

In other words, when you apply for a loan through Good Finance

It is not with Good Finance that you apply for a loan, but with any of the banks with which Good Finance cooperates. Applying for the loan is free for you as a borrower and if you do not thank me for the loans offered, nothing happens.

If you instead opt to accept one of the loans offered to you through Good Finance, they will receive a brokerage fee from the bank you accepted. For you as a consumer, it does not cost anything extra and the loan will not be more expensive because you took it through Good Finance. Rather the opposite.

Loans usually become cheaper


when you apply for them through a broker for all banks trying to squeeze in as much as it can just to “win” the competition to offer the best and cheapest loan to you. This is a clear advantage for us as consumers.

Many people are already aware of the benefits when it comes to brokers and more and more are discovering the benefits of borrowing in this way. Another advantage of Good Finance is that by applying through a loan broker you can collect loans and compare loans in a simple way without any major effort.

One thing that many may not think about is that one can be a little cautious about applying for loans through several loan intermediaries at the same time. Although there are no disadvantages in itself, what happens is that for each application a UC check is made and a request copy is sent to the banks with which the intermediary has an established partnership. Even if only one UC is done.

You can get answers from many different loans

You can get answers from many different loans

But beware before applying to several brokers at the same time as many of them have collaboration agreements with exactly the same banks and then it is a bit wasted.
It is always free to use a service to compare loans through a broker and there are good chances of being offered good private loans without collateral.

Learn more about how loan brokers work and read about which loan brokers cooperate with the same banks.

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