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Become creative when it comes to raising money without investing yourself, and be one step ahead of all business partners with Reich! Self-employed people often have problems getting a loan from a bank. In Germany, a loan without salary statement is only possible if you have sufficient collateral. However, if you, as a lender, have no way of repaying the borrowed amount, very few people will lend you money. All you have to do is access the website of your preferred lender and then click on the online application form.

no credit money

no credit money

Since then I have had much more money available for months. Without increasing my salary. In the meantime I have earned almost an additional income through this “ideal way”. And without much effort, in a very loose, legitimate way. With my knowledge, I was able to help several entrepreneurs out of their financial difficulties – without annoying bank loans and despite the shoemakers’ bad information.

One of them has earned 250,000 in cash to invest in his newly built studio. Of course without benches! Do not let the money out of your pocket. You become wealthy by not listening to anything anymore.

Credit without proof of income – money without income

Credit without proof of income - money without income

Who wants to get a loan without gainful employment, which is not easy with us. But even abroad, many credit candidates have difficulties, especially in Switzerland. 4. Lending is usually not done without evidence of current income, especially since the financial risk in this regard is far too high to generate a profit.

This makes it particularly difficult for self-employed or freelancers to lend, as they never have a steady monthly return. Without salary certificate, a loan in the Federal Republic is only possible if you have sufficient security. These are, for example, life insurance policies, real estate or even those of a guarantor who, in the event of the borrower’s insolvency, pays the outstanding amounts to the house bank or can raise the leasing installments.

However, if the candidate does not have a permanent job or a guarantee, the chances of obtaining a loan are very small or even excluded. On the one hand, this is very favorable because it is interest-free and on the other hand the repayment itself is compatible with the lender. However, if you, as a lender, have no means of repaying the loaned amount, very few people will lend you money.

The reason for this is that an item transferred there corresponds to a loan on payment of a certain amount. The interest costs incurred here are also several times lower than for a regular bank loan. So if you want to have the property again, you should definitely keep it and “buy it back” with sufficient creditworthiness, so that a credit without proof of yield is not easy, but not excluded, if you consider this possibility. 

Lending for the unemployed or a loan without proof of credit by income and credit bureau examination will not be granted. It is also not possible to obtain a loan without pay slips when granting loans domestically. It should be noted that this payslip or salary statement is an important part of the credit or repayment capability of the loan.

One way to get a loan without payroll accounting would be to apply for a personal lender or a loan from private individuals. But even here, it is very difficult or even impossible to find a lender without adequate security or verification of the creditworthiness of the company. In the case of an unemployment situation or without proof of income for the search for a loan to meet the needs, none of the banks will support them with a favorable lending.

However, it may be possible to reschedule existing loans or consolidate receivables (with the support of debt counseling, depending on the circumstances). Which loan is available as a corporate loan – Corporate loan Corporate loan are loans from banks to institutions and corporate clients (registered traders) for …. The unemployment rate has become a big issue, especially since the financial market crisis that many people ….

Transferring money with visa transfer – Advantage It is well known that the credit card is a valuable service, especially when traveling.

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